I've written previously about my long running and fully fledged addiction to podcasts, and I'm happy to report it has not subsided.

It has, however changed shape a little bit.

For some reason this year I decided I needed a little more levity in my listening habits. I also decided I want to hear more from literary and creative types, and a bit more narrative storytelling. My day job can get a little heavy from time to time, so it can be nice to have something a bit more playful and indulgent to plug in to, rather than being aurally hit over the head with all the problems of the world after a long day thinking of all the problems of the world...

So my listening roster has altered accordingly. Below are a few new or rediscovered listening indulgences I'm happy to recommend, for your listening pleasure. I hope you find something here you like.




I'm happy to report I have picked my way through much of the Nerdist backcatalogue. Granted, most of these folks are celeb types, but there have been a few interesting insights among them. Try this if you like Here's The Thing or WTF with Marc Maron. Stream / Subscribe

Mamamia's The Binge

Rosie Waterland is so great that I started watching The Bachelor just for her scathing wrap ups. Here she is talking TV, and it is gold. Even if you're not a fan of Mamamia, you might get a kick out of this. Try this if you like Pop Culture Happy Hour or The Rereaders. Stream / Subscribe

Switched On Pop

If you're a music fan, this has got to be the best podcast out there. It mixes musicology, history, pop culture, and analysis to deconstruct pop songs in a clever, insightful way. Try this if you like Song Exploder or All Songs Considered. Stream / Subscribe

New Yorker Radio Hour

The New Yorker's audio companion which pulls apart current day events and speaks to those "having a moment" on an international scale. Never fails to make for interesting listening. Try this if you like This American Life or Fresh Air. Stream / Subscribe


Honestly I don't know what category Monocycle fits into, but I find it very interesting. Sometimes fluffy, sometimes a raw and emotional overflow of emotion due to Leandra Medine's fertility battle. Always good. Try this if you like Women of the Hour or Chat 10 Looks 3. Stream / Subscribe



Shakespeare and Co

Recorded readings from the iconic Parisian book shop which has hosted many a literary icon over it's long history. Some recordings (like some books) are better than others, but there are a lot of good ones. Try this if you like ABC's Book Club or The Rereaders. Stream / Subscribe

Slate's Audio Book Club

This has been going for quite a while, and there's a good backcatalogue of titles to choose from, whether you've read them or not. Choose from literary giants, contemporary highlights, future classics. Try this if you like Chat 10 Looks 3 or The Rereaders. Stream / Subscribe



Rum, Rebels and Ratbags

It's been a persistent gaping hole in my knowledge, so I've been on the hunt for a good podcast on Australian History for a while. This one is very much about the history of colonisation, and has left indigenous history alone. Try this if you like Stuff You Missed in History Class or Stuff You Should Know. Stream / Subscribe


I'm intrigued by ancient folklore, and I love this narrative exploration of some of the foundation narratives of our civilisations. Plenty of greek and norse gods, but also chinese and middle eastern legends and more recently history. Try this if you like Memory Palace or Stuff You Missed in History Class. Stream / Subscribe

Revisionist History

A relatively new podcast, this one comes from Malcolm Gladwell, and looks at somewhat unexplored or misunderstood moments in history. Promising so far. Try this if you like Freakonomics or RadioLab. Stream / Subscribe

RadioLab's More Perfect

This one is also new, and given it is an offshoot from RadioLab the quality shouldn't be surprising. The difference is it is looking specifically at historical moments in the life of the US Supreme Court. Try this if you like On the Media or RadioLab. Stream / Subscribe



Hidden Brain

Another firm favourite, Hidden Brain deconstructs unconscious biases and patterns behind our human behaviour. A mix of science and storytelling that feels fun and informative. Try this if you like Freakonomics or Reply All. Stream / Subscribe

Only Human

This one explores health in a very personal way - stories of people with unique physical and mental health stories. It makes for pretty compelling listening, and I hope a greater appreciation of health as our greatest asset. Try this if you like RadioLab or Note to Self. Stream / Subscribe




This is how radio documentaries should be. Reporters go deep into a specific and unique situation, and deliver insightful interviews with those affected. Really good stuff. Try this if you like Serial or Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. Stream / Subscribe

SBS True Stories

I'm so grateful for SBS's ability to highligh these wonderful stories that simultaneously feel so specific and personal, but also so universal. Australia is such a wonderful place. Try this if you like Conversations with Richard Fidler or Modern Love. Stream / Subscribe



Women of the Hour

If you're a Lena Dunham fan you probably subscribe to Lenny Letter, and you're probably eagerly anticipating the last ever season of Girls. Get this first season of her podcast into you in the meantime. Try this if you like Chat 10 Looks 3 or Desert Island Discs. Stream / Subscribe

Code Switch

Given where things are at with the race discussion in the US today (and here in Aus, might I add), this has quickly become essential listening. When they start with "we need to talk about whiteness" you know they're serious. Try this if you like This American Life or Death, Sex and Money. Stream / Subscribe

Subtle Disruptors

Adam Murray, the man behind Subtle Disruptors, has a lovely way of exploring people who are quietly making change in their own way, just beneath Melbourne's surface. Try this if you like On Being or She Does. Stream / Subscribe



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