Monthly Musings - April 2015

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Title image: the frosty mornings may have only just started in the city, but they're common in the High Country. This is a gorgeous February morning at Farmhouse Dederang.


Welcome to a very wanderlust-y Musings. Travel is always on my mind, but it has certainly been even more so the last little while. Perhaps it is the days getting shorter and colder...? Does this happen to you too, or am I the only one? Write to me with your travel plans for this chilly part of the year so I can Instagram stalk you and live vicariously through you as you frolic in warmer climates.

In the meantime, we had an amazing Salon on the topic of Intimacy v Internet. As always, it was so great to have such incredible people in the room. You can read more about the insights from our discussions here.

Hope the Easter break was good to you. Can you believe we're already a quarter of the way through 2015? What is it they say about the years getting faster as you get older..? xx



Most of what you do today is not essential.  |  I've been reading a lot on the future of tech and humanity thanks toRebecca Lovitt and my work at Be Collective, and these two on The Shut-In Economy and What Blogging Has Become were both brilliant and scary predictions of what the future holds for us.  |  This pair of articles on why we should at persist in our attempts to create a better world were even better though. Why Not Utopia by Mark BittmanThe Most Important Thing We Can Do to Fight Climate Change is Try by Rebecca Solnit.  |  Laura Marling does Walk Alone from her new album (which I love, unsurprisingly) as part of the SXSW Lullaby Series. Divine.  |  Richard Denniss wrote a great piece for The Monthly on how "economic modelling" is being used to fuel dodgy policy debates.  | The Radical Humaneness of Norway's Halden Prison.  |    In Defence of Boredom - 200 years of ideas on the virtues of not doing.  |  Movies, art and money - Kristen Stewart on the actor's dilemma.



It seems like so much of my day is dedicated to simultaneously piquing and satisfying my wanderlust. I'm not sure if these photos of the Eiffel Tower as seen through various windows in Paris are helping.  |  The lovely Eliza Elliott's photos from her trip through Canada aren't either.  |  I finally watched Roman Holiday this week and this perfectly cute trailer will make you want to too.  |  I love this gorgeous piece by Alecia Wood about mushroom foraging. She sure is a talented lady.  |  Monique Welker's The Sunday Best blog is filled with everything I wish I spent my Sundays on. So lovely.  |  Broadsheet sent five photographers to Tasmania and the resulting images are just gorgeous.  |  A 5000 year old underground city was recently discovered in Turkey.  |  I've also been accumulating some really lovely photos over on my Pinterest board dedicated to just that.



Johann Hari discussed The Falsehood of Addiction and the War on Drugs on the Point of Inquiry podcast. It is some of the most intelligent and empathetic discussion of the topic I've come across. Read it with the stunning piece by Richard Butler on the ice epidemic destroying families and you'll start to think very deeply about what is creating this epidemic (hint, it isn't drugs). Heartbreaking stuff.  |  This RadioLab podcast on Los Frikis shows just how complex and fascinating the history of Cuba is. Punk, aids, rebellion. Go there, seriously.  |  I'm so glad the ABC put Making Australia Great on our televisions. Public broadcasting for the win!  |  Beyond Right and Wrong - Stories of Justice and Forgiveness.  |  A great super-short film by Matthew Frost entitled "Aspirational". Kids these days.  |  If you like this curated newsletter, you'll probably like Sophie Benjamin's even more. She does a great job - and she's much more consistent! Here's hers from this month.  |  The Rereaders is a recent podcast discovery thanks toJessica Stanley. It is so good. (Subscribe to her newsletter too.)  |  Wonderland - A short form documentary on creative commerce. I really enjoyed this but I'm pretty perplexed by there being only one woman featured (as part of a male/female partnership).  |  I love this interview with Fran Lebowitz about her daily uniform. 

"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm."